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Payment Services

WebDollar offers clients a full suite of secure payment solutions for the Internet. Transactions are safeguarded by the most advanced encryption techniques available. WebDollar processes payments through credit cards, debit cards, certified cheques, bank transfers, e-wallets and prepaid cards. Through its experience in the payment processing industry and connections with leading acquiring banks, WebDollar has access to the most advanced products provided by card schemes.


WebDollar also offers a wide selection of reliable localised payment alternatives through carefully-selected partners. Convenient and recognisable transaction alternatives make purchases easier for the customer. Familiarity - in terms of language, currency and transaction options - helps to boost customers' trust and increase their confidence in conducting transactions with a particular merchant.

WebDollar allows customers in a number of countries to process credit/debit card transactions in their domestic currencies. WebDollar's currency converter manages more than thirty different currencies. Exchange rates are generated each weekday by WorldPay UK Ltd.

WebDollar's payment system is continually upgraded to accommodate the latest advances in payment and security technology. A detailed description of the payment alternatives offered by each merchant who relies on WebDollar's services is available on the merchant's web site.

Risk Analysis

logo bvWebDollar has gained substantial experience in the areas of risk management and fraud control. WebDollar combines a sound risk analysis philosophy with proficient staff to prevent fraud and money laundering attempts.

A highly sophisticated automatic verification procedure, BVerified, has been designed to enable smart-pattern recognition in an ever-changing environment. BVerified offers unmatched flexibility in defining the level and scope of security measures, and provides essential tools for generating comprehensive reports. WebDollar's innovative risk management program involves more than just an automated system; skilled and experienced members of the WebDollar Fraud Control team continuously monitor transactions to further detect irregular activities and risk situations.


WebDollar takes the detection of credit card fraud very seriously. WebDollar fully cooperates with international authorities to prosecute fraudulent credit card users. All fraudulent orders are submitted to the appropriate authorities, and all chargebacks are fully investigated under the full extent of international law.

WebDollar's "know your customer" approach results in a decrease in the number of valid transactions that are rejected, clients who respect and value our services, and fewer credit card chargebacks. WebDollar regularly communicates with financial institutions to ensure that chargeback rates are kept as low as possible.



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