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Security and Reliability

Your safety and convenience are our highest priorities. Since banking can be a delicate issue, WebDollar cooperates only with trustworthy third-party companies. For card transactions, WebDollar cooperates only with established, well-respected European banks. To further promote customer trust, WebDollar utilises multiple acquiring banks to ensure operational reliability at all times.


WebDollar has served the Internet community since 1997. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have relied on WebDollar to efficiently process millions of online transactions. Our customers’ funds are fully insured by security deposits held by major European acquiring banks.

Customers can rest assured knowing WebDollar employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect the privacy and integrity of transmitted information.

All electronically-transmitted information sent to and from WebDollar is safeguarded by the WebDollar Security System, which encrypts and then decrypts transmitted information using WebDollar's proprietary security algorithm. To meet the strict requirements of consumers, banks and other processing firms, WebDollar employs 128-bit SSL encryption and can support full-strength versions of DES encryption, such as MD5 and triple DES, the international standard for banks. Multiple points of presence on the Internet ensure fast and reliable access.

At WebDollar, the privacy and integrity of our customers’ information is of outmost importance and we strictly adhere to the rules and regulations stipulated by card schemes. Click on the link for a detailed description of WebDollar's Privacy Policy.

WebDollar keeps a record of every transaction. If a complete audit on paper is required, the necessary information is readily available.

The servers that store customers' data are located in secure facilities protected by locks, biometric scanners, code cards, and patrol guards to ensure that only authorized WebDollar personnel can access the data.

When the customer registers to open an account with WebDollar, he/she is automatically issued and sent a Security Code by regular mail the following business day.


This personal code is entirely unique and confidential, and in no way linked to any other number associated with the customer. For security reasons, the Security Code is sent only to the customer's registered postal address, and cannot be rerouted or issued by phone, fax, or e-mail. Customers are required to submit their codes to verify certain deposits and withdrawals from their WebDollar accounts.


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