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Privacy Policy

WebDollar respects and is committed to protecting your privacy, and has therefore adopted this Privacy Policy. The information that follows describes how collected information will be processed and utilised. WebDollar vows to use the collected information only in ways that are compatible with this policy.

Information Collection

WebDollar collects personal information from a customer for the purposes of:

  • Setting up and managing the customer's account.
  • Creating personal profiles.
  • Preventing fraud and money-laundering attempts.

Accurate Information

WebDollar will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the customer information we store is accurate and up to date.

Transaction Supervision

All account transactions are recorded by our computer systems. If a complete audit on paper is required, the necessary information is readily available. WebDollar also routinely monitors all transactions as they take place to assist us in improving the services we provide to our customers.

Telephone Conversations

Customers' telephone conversations with customer support personnel at WebDollar's call centre may be recorded to assist in training our staff and in resolving any queries that arise from the service customers receive. When a conversation is to be recorded, the customer is informed before the call session is initiated.

Security and Privacy

WebDollar takes all reasonable steps to ensure that customers' information is protected from unauthorised access. The servers that store customers' data are located in secure facilities protected by locks, biometric scanners, code cards and patrol guards to ensure that only authorized WebDollar personnel can access the data.

Retention and Disposal

WebDollar is required by law to retain and make financial information available for a period of ten years. Other personal information will be retained only while it is relevant to the customer's WebDollar account or to WebDollar's obligations to the customer. All information not required for legal purposes will be destroyed within five years after the customer's account is closed.
WebDollar takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the privacy of personal information is maintained upon disposal. All hardcopy documentation (on paper, for example) is shredded and all information stored on computer media is erased when it is no longer required.


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